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Michael Sallander
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Michael Sallander SVP of Digital Strategy & Co-Founder

Meet Michael Sallander

How many of us get to say that we grew up to be what we wanted to be when we were young? Well Mike does! After graduating from the University of Illinois, he turned his dream into a reality and co-founded Chicago Digital with Scott Shefler. As the President of Chicago Digital he has done it all, from running the company, sales, project management, website development and everything in-between.

Mike loves solving problems; making the world of web development a natural fit for him as he creates solutions rapidly, while quickly and continuously improving upon them. He is a perpetual learner in all areas of his life and takes great satisfaction in discovering/creating new things and sharing them with others.

Being a natural entrepreneur, it was only a matter of time before Mike created new ventures. Shortly after co-founding Chicago Digital, Mike co-founded the BC Academe and Solid Sky. This enabled him to take his passions for helping others and programming to a new level. As an instructor at the BC Academe, Mike has taught students from around the world on how to build websites.

On the rare occasions that you find Mike's attention away from Chicago Digital or at least out of the office, you will probably find him playing video games, singing along to his favorite songs, attending concerts, traveling or learning a new hobby. A lifelong interest of Mike is learning new hobbies. He loves being a beginner and going through the process of taking something you don't know well and learning it. Recently for him, it is long distance running. For most of his life he despised long distance running and never considered it something he was good at. Last year he overcame this and ran several races including the Chicago Marathon.

When Mike is not in this great city, he enjoys getting away and experiencing other cities and cultures. He loves being in this industry because the technology enables us to easily work with people all around the world.

As the leader of our company Mike strives to better our customer's experience:

"I will increase customer satisfaction by better communicating expectations and creating processes to consistently deliver high quality experiences."

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