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Greg Pace
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Greg Pace Technical Project Manager

Meet Greg Pace

Throughout his entire life Greg has been known as the go to guy for anything regarding technology. His reputation for being a technological maven motivated him to start his own computer repair business in his early high school years. He was even selected in his high school yearbook as

"The person most likely to start the next social network."

Alongside his running his own business in high school Greg also has multiple years of experience working for large school districts and small IT firms as an industry certified computer and networking technician.

He got his start developing websites in sixth grade through building out many "clan/team" websites for some of his favorite online games such as, Counter-Strike: Source, which quickly became a passion of his.

Greg found Chicago Digital during his sophomore year of school at University of Illinois in Urbana/Champaign. In that time his natural ability to troubleshoot and get things done quickly made him an integral member of the Chicago Digital team.

His charismatic approach to any project he takes on reflects the core values of Chicago Digital and makes him an excellent Product & Project Manager.

When Greg isn't hard at work on a project, he can be found jamming along to his favorite tunes on his guitar or playing games on his custom built computer.

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