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Chad Smith

Chad Smith Front End Developer

Meet Chad Smith

When Chad is not off at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry you will find him in "Colorful Colorado." After attending The Art Institute of Colorado and building a very impressive resume at Hot Press Web and BC Gurus, Chad came to work as a Front End Developer at Chicago Digital. Chad strives to develop sites that are up to date with the current web standards and best practices.

One of the most enjoyable parts of web development for Chad is taking a beautiful web design and making it come to life as a website. It is exciting to him that you can write a few lines of code and instantly see the changes in the browser. One of the things Chad enjoys most is that his job is ever changing and constantly pushes him to learn. When he was in school learning to code web pages they were using tables and font tags, but by the time graduation came around no one was using tables anymore and CSS was this fabulous thing that they all needed to use. He loves experiencing the evolution of web programming best practices first hand and enjoys teaching others through his tutorials on BC Gurus and BC Academe.

When Chad is not busy reading lines of code he is typically off fly fishing those Colorado trout. Though you will almost always find him in the mountains of Colorado hiking and camping, when he is not enjoying the great outdoors you will find him on the courts. He also enjoys his self proclaimed "geeky" interests such as Star Wars, Comics, Harry Potter, LOTR, and Cartoons!

Chad looks to outdo himself on every project:

"My goal is to make every website I develop better than the last. I want to keep learning and expanding my skill set, and maybe one day build an app."

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