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Brian Mulholland
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Brian Mulholland Creative Director

Meet Brian Mulholland

Brian is a uniquely talented designer and is the creative talent behind most of Chicago Digital's work over the past few years. His formal education in graphic design at Columbia College helps him create amazing brands and designs both on and offline. His skills in front-end development make him an even more competent designer as he is able to think through the user experience and the development implications of his designs.

Brian loves discovering new tools and constantly pushes the team to improve the way we do things. He is responsible for many great discoveries that have now become common practice at Chicago Digital. Brian stays on his toes day to day with the ever changing world of design. He strives to explore and learn new techniques and designs daily so he is able to offer the best results to our clients.

It is clear to see that Brian enjoys his job and gets to do what he loves every single day. He is excited by the opportunity to work with other talented people on exciting projects. It helps him to grow and become an even better designer. His main goal as a designer is to create products that help people; things that make a difference and inspire social change.

If you can possibly pull Brian away from designing you will find him coding. If you can get him away from the computer all together you will probably find him watching a terrifying horror films or playing guitar around town with his band. When Brian gets a chance to get out of town his favorite places to visit are Colorado and Northern California. The culture, people and views are some of the best he has experienced.

"I will increase customer satisfaction by learning everything I can about their business, how their customers interact with their business, and then creating a solution that solves critical problems that they both experience."

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