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BC Academe

Online Adobe Business Catalyst Training Program

The BC Academe is the first and only structured learning resource for the Adobe Business Catalyst community. Founded by Mike Sallander and Scott Shefler, founders of Chicago Digital. BC Academe is the perfect learning platform for freelancers, web designers and web developers.

BC Academe - Business Catalyst Training Program

You Are Only 90 Days Away From Building Websites on Adobe Business Catalyst

Their first developer program is perfect for both new BC Partners and existing BC Developers interested in gaining a thorough understanding of building BC websites. The BC Academe takes you beyond just copying and pasting code. We will teach you how to think like an expert BC developer.

The courses are offered once every other month and consist of a live one hour webinar held once a week. All webinars are recorded for your convenience and can be accessed throughout the program. You also have easy access to the instructors through live chats throughout the entirety of the program.

Upon successful completion of the program you will be awarded a certification. Certified students appear in our public directory, giving you recognition throughout the community. An added bonus is that all certified students receive 3,000 guru points and these points will help you earn guru status

Stay on the lookout for more exciting programs and resources coming your way from the BC Academe.

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