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  • Aaron Wrixon

    Aaron Wrixon

    Writer, Editor and Content Marketing Specialist

    Chicago Digital has partnered with Aaron Wrixon — an industry leader in content marketing strategies and tactics — to provide content writing services to our clients.

  • Adobe


    Digital Marketing & Media Solutions

    Adobe is the global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions. Chicago Digital utilizes their tools and services to create groundbreaking digital content for our clients. While our main focus is working with Adobe Business Catalyst, we use a large majority of Adobe tools to develop our content.

  • BC Academe

    BC Academe

    Adobe Business Catalyst Training Program

    The BC Academe provides high quality educational resources to the Adobe Business Catalyst Community. Founded by Mike Sallander and Scott Shefler who are co-founders at Chicago Digital.

  • BC App Store

    BC App Store

    The official marketplace for distributing apps for Adobe Business Catalyst

    Install Powerful Apps, Services, & Plugins in Business Catalyst with the click of a mouse.Founded by Mike Sallander and Scott Shefler who are co-founders at Solid Sky and Chicago Digital.

  • BC Gurus

    BC Gurus

    Helping partners master Adobe's Business Catalyst

    Get Access to FREE tutorials and templates to help you become a Business Catalyst guru. BC Gurus has built effective online training programs ranging from beginners to experts to share the capabilities of Business Catalyst.

  • Solid Sky

    Solid Sky

    Apps That Extend & Connect Adobe Business Catalyst

    Solid Sky’s mission is to provide top-notch apps, integrations and services to make running a business in the cloud a breeze. Chicago Digital utilizes these apps to enhance our clients and their customers experiences.

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