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Below you will find a handful of testimonials we have received from clients:

You guys are an 'A' team and a breath of fresh air.

You came highly recommended and I can see why. You are an example of how it should be done.

I'm not only likely to recommend Chicago Digital, I already have been.

The website took longer to build than anticipated, but I also know it was much more complicated than originally thought. With that in mind I had no issues with the time it took to build the websites.

Having said that, you didn't come back and ask for a price increase either. That is unusual and, frankly, my respect for you and your team only increased because of that. I like to have 'A' players on my team and you guys are at the top of the list.

Rich Jones Calvary Chapel

Just wanted to take a moment and share how happy we (and are client) are with the site.

Specifically, here are the things we're happy with:
  1. The design was top notch. They continue to get really good feedback on the look and feel from their audience.
  2. I really like the way the content is managed. We all know the areas that BC struggles with regard to this, but our client really appreciate the visual editor, page control etc.
  3. The design held up, even when we threw a bunch of content at it that Brian didn't have while designing. Sometimes, as you know, that breaks down.

This project is already leading to some new sales conversations, so I look forward to an opportunity to work together again soon!

Devon Reehl Enginate

Chicago Digital took the time to understand our unique business functions and gave design suggestions making our website one of the biggest lead generators for us. Our website has given us more exposure not only within the U.S. but also internationally. We are proud to send our website to prospects as well as promote it on our social media platforms.

We are so grateful to have found a company that was able to not only bring our vision to life but also provide support to our staff so that we can use it as a marketing tool.

Yvonne Lyngaas Monarch & Company

We want to work with the best in the industry.

When we experience difficulties or want an extra advanced solution we contact Chicago Digital for competent feedback and development. Our experience is that Chicago Digital provides the best solutions in the industry, and we have always been very satisfied with the support and service we have received.

Peter Schmidt Genie Corp.
Chicago Digital delivered on our objectives, on time, and on budget. No excuses necessary. Of the numerous vendors we interviewed, Chicago Digital is the only one to produce a proposal that accurately reflected what we asked for. Then they genuinely accomplished what they said they would.

We searched for a vendor who could create a website that was easy to navigate, that had visual appeal, and that captured and promoted the essence of our services. At the same time, we also wanted to develop a point of sale digital sign. 24-7 reliability and available technical assistance was a given.

But there was catch. Actually two. We wanted both the website and digital sign to have a consistent look and feel, so that some of the content and some of the visuals could be used in each. Secondly, we wanted the option to manage the content ourselves, on the fly, so that we wouldn’t have to rely on (and wait for) the vendor to make changes. Above all, we wanted to be able to do this without breaking the bank, and without getting a college degree in e-commerce.

Chicago Digital, to use a baseball analogy, hit a home run for us. Maybe even a grand slam.

Both our web presence and point of sale digital sign are top shelf, reliable, and flexible. Good help is hard to find. In today’s IT world, Chicago Digital is uniquely good help. We recommend them without hesitation.

Michael Mihlbauer The Surgery Center

We’re so impressed with Chicago Digital!

Their process for development is clear and efficient, and we really appreciate their collaborative and creative approach. It’s so great to work with a team willing to go above and beyond, make our jobs easier, and make us look good for our clients! They continually enhance our projects and we look forward to collaborating on many more.

Lisa Gill Thrively Digital

I want to take a moment to thank you Chicago Digital for helping design, produce, and maintain our movie site.

While we had a clear idea of what we wanted, your design team brought it to life. I especially love our copyrighted Chick and her various iterations. The first time I saw and my viewers have seen the member pages, I and they break out in a smile at the clever way options are brought to their attention. It addition, the mechanics of displaying movie items and our advanced search features were not easy to comprehend but were executed very well.

As we build the site and deal with day to day issues, you have made sure when things get off track they are fixed.

I especially appreciate the training and coaching I have received.

I would gladly recommend Chicago Digital to anyone or any company wanting to set up anything from a simple to complex site such as mine.

Wilma Smelcer

Our experience with the Chicago Digital, in particular Mike and Brian, was first class start to finish.

Strategic thinkers, thoughtful listeners, knowledgeable, responsive and professional throughout the process, an impressive team!

Alex Bell Madison Wells
Please thank your team of designers for us; they really did a terrific job on the blog, and were very responsive which is a refreshing change! We look forward to working with Chicago Digital again on future projects.
Bernadette Uzcategui Joyfolie Shoes

Antenna Digital built Deep Coat Industries LLC’s website at the end of 2018 and it has had a significant impact on our business leads, the impression customers and other website visitors have of us, and our presence on the internet. The Antenna Digital team worked with Deep Coat every step of the way throughout the development process. They provided great coaching and accommodated our unique needs, image, and culture into our website.

We’ve seen more website generated inquiries in the last two months than we saw in the entirety of the two years before we partnered with Antenna Digital.

We’re excited to build on this relationship with Antenna Digital and continue strengthening our online identity with their ongoing support.

Brian Schmidt Deep Coat Industries

You guys are doing a great job with the website. I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much!

Brooke Gore PRPA Spine Surgery
We're very happy with the site and our ability to make the changes we need.
Candice Li-Uzoigwe The International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition

[The website] looks breathtaking and is coming together better than I could've imagined! I'm so happy!

Carla Ham Belle & Whistle

[The website] is a work of art!

So far, I am already hearing great feedback. Looking forward to continuing to evolve the site and use it to drive business.

I wanted to sincerely thank you for all of your help in creating and developing the new Amaxra website. I am extremely happy with how the site is continuing to develop as we grow our new web presence.

I look forward to continuing to work the team as we grow.

Cassidy Marchi Amaxra

With our re-branding and new website, Chicago Digital has launched our new company to the same level as our established industry competitors.

I can now confidently sell new customers knowing that I have an awesome brand and website to back me up.

David Silverstein Pro-Line Packaging

Thanks very much for going above and beyond on this one. I appreciate your professionalism and incredible eye for functional design. You rock!

David Vinokur Content Blaze

Running a business through a website can be daunting and overwhelming. The support we have received through Chicago Digital has always been so prompt and solutionary, allowing us to focus on growing the company in other ways.

We only wish we had hired them first, as we are dealing with a lot of clean up.

Deven Sisler AcroYoga

Our entertainment law practice is busy and growing. We get several inquiries and about one new project each week from the website, plus lots of accolades about the site.

Eldon Ham Ham Entertainment Law

Before we partnered with Chicago Digital, working on our website was a challenge. We never had the support we needed and would often find ourselves stuck in one place for an extended period of time.

Since transferring our site to Chicago Digital, support is never lacking and I enjoy the tools they provide.

All of my questions get answered in a timely manner and the people behind the scenes are as good as it gets. The change to our website and it's navigation is a complete 360 degree change. Client's not only like the look of the site but the navigation as well. Our site allows us to do so many things quickly and easily.

James Kuch Yeo & Yeo Computer Consulting

I do want to tell you guys that I am very pleased with the overall outcome of the site. There are some things to workthrough still I think but the final product is very much in line with my expectations. Thank you Greg Christina Mike and all of your team

Jim Mazzarella Nexus Communications Technology

I did not want the day to pass without sending my personal thanks to you and your staff for this beautiful website! As we worked thru plans and design concepts for this site, I looked at so many other sites (and still do), and

I can honestly say I would use this one as a role model anytime.

It is user friendly, so informative, and I love the layout.
I am proud to have been a part of this process and thank all of you for giving the Waystation an awesome website!


Joan Brooks Wildlife Waystation
Chicago Digital has provided great customer service and has increased the traffic considerably. They are always recommending new ideas to help increase traffic. Our business has learned many new procedures to make our lives easier.... we look forward to many new ideas and many years together.
Joann Perl Deli Direct

Thank you so much for your work on the website.

It is so gorgeously designed, and we've received so much praise since the launch of the website.

We are truly grateful to you and your team for your work on website.

Jose Olivarez Young Chicago Authors

We wanted to re-create our existing website's feel with a modern look, add mobile viewing functionality and add additional administrative features so we could manage the website updates day-to-day. Chicago Digital understood our goals and designed a clean website that fits Venture One's character for our budget.

Keith Goode Venture One Real Estate

I would highly recommend Chicago Digital. Chicago Digital consistently does excellent work.

They are trustworthy, professional, reliable and hard working.

I am thrilled to know them and work with them. I look forward to a long professional relationship with Chicago Digital. They are a superb company and they are leading the way!

Kelly Muldoon Connect To Patients

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