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As a local business, competing with bigger brand names can be quite a challenge. With local marketing we can target your geographic location and hone in on your customer base. This allows us to focus more attention on one area and thus providing an advantage over larger national companies.

We understand that large companies aren't your only competition. Depending on your location and service, you also might be competing with other local competitors for a piece of the pie. That is why we aim to get your business listed on a variety of popular channels. Every individual local listing that your business is submitted to is another chance to get found online, directly and indirectly (by influencing your rankings on search engines).

With our local listings services we will setup and optimize your business' local listing profiles. These listings will be optimized to show up on local searches. Our clients who sign up for our local listing service also gain access to a rating and review monitoring dashboard.

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How Does Our Local Listing Service Work?

What's Involved:

  • Chicago Digital keeps a secure lock on your listings so they cannot be overwritten by any 3rd party data source
  • The recurring fee is the signal to the publishers that this is still a live and active business
  • Businesses continue to leverage our real-time solution to update offers, menus, products, services, reviews, and so much more
  • Remember, fixing and insuring the basic data is only step one in leveraging digital location management!

Uber Call to Actions

Ever wanted to customize your Uber Listing, our local listing service will allow you to add uber buttons directly to your website and even show information about your location to customers enroute.

See Example:
Ride there with Uber

Aren't these listings free? Can't I manage them without paying?

  • No, actually, that is a major misconception. Not every publisher will actually accept your listings
  • It can take weeks or months for your listing to actually go live
  • Chicago Digital can update all your listings with accurate information and exclusive content on all 60+ of sites within a few days
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