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Email Marketing Is Still one of the Most Effective Online Marketing Tools

We Can Help Grow or Better Utilize Your Mailing List

Email is one of the most cost-effective ways to broadcast your message and brand to your audience. We can create, manage and send email marketing campaigns for you based on a custom designed email template to match your brand.

Why Should You Start Using Email Marketing?

Contacting Website Leads

Let's say a member of your target audience visits your website and fills out an information request form. This person's contact information is automatically entered into the CRM. Then you want to send an email to all leads within the last month who have filled out that form. You would simply go over to the email marketing module and segment your database based on customers who filled out the form. Put in your copy into your designed email template and send. The reporting will be able to tell you individually who opened the email and what specific actions they took on your website, such as the purchase of a product.

Drip Marketing Campaigns

Drip Marketing Campaigns are great for staying in the forefront of your customers mind, for instance a weekly tips newsletter. Here you can pre-define your emails and once a customer signs up for the campaign they will automatically receive the recurring emails based on when they signed up. The entire campaign is automated, personalized, and most importantly, effective.

Anniversary Dates

Enter key dates into the customers record and have emails automatically sent to your client based on those dates, for instance:

  • Next appointment date
  • 1 year anniversary
  • Check-up date
  • Follow Up Date
  • Product Warranty expiration

Chicago Digital will help your business maximize its email marketing potential.

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