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Tips for Speeding up Development in Adobe Business Catalyst

Tips for Speeding Up Development Featured on Business Catalyst Blog and Podcast

A few weeks ago I shared tips with the Business Catalyst Community on how to speed up development. I limited these to quick, practical tips that people can implement right away. These tips came from my almost 4 years of experience working with Adobe Business Catalyst, 1 year of teaching Business Catalyst, and from the developers at Chicago Digital, notably Scott Shefler, who develop on Business Catalyst every day.

You can read the full blog post on Adam Broadway's blog: "Tips from Mike Sallander to Speed up Development in Business Catalyst"

Listen to the podcast: Episode 30 of BC Podcast

Templates Reduce Total Development Time

One topic that I did not discuss on the podcast or blog but is a way many within the web community reduce development time: use templates. While templates are not appropriate for every project, they can be very useful for smaller projects or projects where funds are better allocated towards other services like marketing. The Business Catalyst community is fortunate to have a few great options when it comes to ready-to-go Business Catalyst Templates.

Michael Sallander

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Michael Sallander SVP of Digital Strategy & Co-Founder

How many of us get to say that we grew up to be what we wanted to be when we were young? Well Mike does! After graduating from the University of Illinois, he turned his dream into a reality and co-founded Chicago Digital with Scott Shefler. As the President of Chicago Digital he has done it a... Learn More


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