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The Things We Need from You Before We Can Design Your Website

A website is a gateway through which you can communicate with consumers, share your brand’s story and sell your products or services. Your website is like your 24-hour salesman or woman who’s always available to consumers. Your website is, or should be, a powerful marketing channel that promotes your brand around the clock, including weekends and holidays.

While your company’s website could and should be all those things, it will only be successful if it has a fresh, modern design that provides a pleasant user experience. How can you make sure your website has those attributes? By using our website design services, of course!

What We Do

Our in-house web design experts create websites that provide the ultimate user experience for small and mid-size businesses in just about every industry you can think of - from life sciences and healthcare to business services and ecommerce stores. We listen to our clients’ needs and goals and we study their respective target markets to learn what features users want websites in a given niche to have.

Based on our clients’ input and our extensive research, we design websites that exceed our customers’ expectations as well as the expectations of their respective website’s visitors. We don’t just say we design the best websites. We mean it.

We’re proud to have clients located all over the world. And we’re eager to create a website for your business that differentiates your organization from the competition.

What We Need

As you would expect, we need certain things from you before we can get to work on your website. Some of the things we need are pretty straightforward while others are more subtle and subjective. Unfortunately, we can’t access everything we need to design a website for you on our own. That’s why we consider ourselves your web design partners while we’re working on your website.

Access to Systems

When you hire Chicago Digital to create a website for your business, here are a few of the things we’ll need from you in the context of granting us access:

●Login information for your domain registrar

●DNS host login credentials

●Login information for your current website if you have an existing site

●Login credentials for your current CMS

In addition to providing the information listed above, we’ll also need you to add us as an admin user in your Google Analytics account. We’ll need you to do the same thing in your Google Search Console account. Naturally, we’ll need to get signed billing forms for your ongoing hosting and support payments as well.

Branding Assets

No matter what industry you compete in, it’s essential that your website is aligned with all your other platforms. To make sure your site is in alignment, we’ll ask you to share your branding assets, beginning with your branding guidelines.

Your branding guidelines or style guide should include details about your brand voice. Your brand guidelines should also discuss the colors, shapes and fonts you use to communicate with your clients and prospects. If your brand’s primary colors are red, white and blue and you use Helvetica in your text messages, you’ll want to use the same things on your website so visitors will instantly affiliate your site with your brand based on its appearance alone.

How things are phrased on your website should also be in line with your other platforms. If you use a tagline on your other platforms, you should use the same tagline on your website.

Your logo is another branding asset we’ll ask you to share with us. We’ll ask you to share all variations of your logo in vector format, or .ai, .eps, or .png formats, so we can put your easily recognizable logo in a prominent position on your site’s web pages.

If you have media, such as photos, brand graphics or videos, we’ll need you to share them all with us before we start working on your web design. These things are important because they are what we’ll use to give your brand and website personality. We’ll also ask to see any reference material you have available to you that will help us understand your business, competitors or target market better.

Website Goals and User Needs

Before we start working on your web design, we’ll ask you to share your website goals and your users’ needs with us in as much detail as possible. We need to know these things to ensure we create a website that wows your visitors as much as it impresses you and your internal team.

When you identify your goals at the start of the web design process, it makes determining the specific web pages you’ll want to have designed much easier. Here are some of the goals you might have for your website:

Generate Leads: Depending on the nature of your business, you may want your website to be a lead-generating machine. If that’s the case, you may want to have contact forms on your site’s pages.

Educate Visitors: Sometimes, business owners want a website that simply educates its visitors. Information-only sites can go a long way toward making your company an authority in your field.

Validate Reputation: If your goods or services are well-known for something like being high-quality, your website can be designed so that it validates their reputation, which can entice prospects to try the things you sell and keep your existing clients coming back for more.

Increase Conversions: Increasing conversions is a popular goal many businesses have for their websites, just like generating leads is. We can create a web design that will motivate visitors to take that next step and increase your conversion rate as a result.

Spread Awareness of a Charitable Cause: While for-profit businesses may want to increase sales or conversions, not-for-profit organizations may have other goals, which may be to spread awareness of a charitable cause and raise money. We’re proud to help charities by creating websites that will achieve their objectives.

Work with an Experienced Web Designer

If you’re ready to get started with a new website, you’ll be happy to know that we offer a full suite of web design services. Gather the information you’ll need to share with us and contact Chicago Digital to get started with a website for your organization today.

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Michael Sallander SVP of Digital Strategy & Co-Founder

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