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Tactical Branding Through Vanity Phone Numbers

Phone number provide companies a viable opportunity to further establish their brand; what are you doing with yours?

“Branding” is important to businesses small and large - in highly competitive industries and emerging sectors alike.

What’s important for businesses to keep in mind about the concept of branding is that a brand is a promise to prospective or existing customers regarding what they can (and should) expect, about what happens when they buy certain products or services and ultimately the result (the feeling) of interacting with the whole experience the company puts forth. In essence, branding is about how your company is different from the competition and how it proves that day in and day out to the audiences that matter.

Branding is about who you are as a company, the direction that you're going, and how you want to be perceived by the broader world in general.

Companies invest in branding because the returns can be substantial but it is certainly not an easy concept to wrap one’s head around. If you are looking for an opportunity to brand your company (and what business isn’t), where do you begin?

Ultimately, branding first requires a deep understanding of who your company is and the value proposition its presence provides, but it is also about consistent execution - consistency in design, consistency in messaging, consistency in, well, the brand’s existence in general. It is, of course, much more than that too.

There is, of course, no shortage of information about what branding is or the important considerations that must be made as companies develop or manage their brand; but what's missing most often is insights on branding execution (and branding integration)- where should your company’s branding, and all the refined messaging and creative assets that have been developed to support it, appear?

While most will (wisely) invest in web design and inbound marketing to expose their brand (and brand messaging and brand elements) to the key customer groups that matter to their success, there are a whole host of alternative approaches or tactics that can be employed to capitalize on the strong brand that has been developed. One of the lesser known, but perhaps most effective, opportunities to establish or foster brand awareness for a company is to capitalize on a touch point that is likely already quite familiar to your audience - the phone.

If branding is about what you say and how and where you say it, when was the last time you considered if your phone number accurately reflects your brand? Good branding starts well before a customer decides to start dialing, so here’s the question: what does your phone number say about your company? Is it memorable or just a collection of random numbers? There's good reason to create a more memorable experience. 

A study conducted by Infosurv found that advertisers can expext an improvement in recall rates for vanity 800 numbers vs. numeric phone numbers displayed in visual media and 9x higher recall rate in the case of audio ads (radio or podcasts).


Chicago Digital has been recommending this creative branding touchpoint (vanity phone numbers) to our client base recently and we believe that it’s so important (so impactful) to leverage that we think recommending it to the wider business community’s attention will benefit businesses and consumers alike. 

A vanity phone number, such as those provided by RingBoost, provide brands an opportunity to showcase their creativity and create a memorable experience for their clients and customers. Instead of a series of random numbers, businesses can select either a memorable numeric number or a series of numbers that spell a specific word. Most are going to be familiar with vanity numbers in the context of billboards and television or radio commercials and there is a lot of merit in these specific use cases (and others including using vanity phone numbers in search marketing.

Remember, branding is about capitalizing on opportunities to differentiate your company from the competition - and right now, there are few more effective ways to do that than vanity numbers. 



Pete Prestipino

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Pete Prestipino Digital Marketing Campaign Manager

Pete Prestipino has 20 years of experience in search engine optimization (SEO), performance-based advertising, consumer-generated/social media, email marketing, lead generation, Web design, usability, content development and digital analytics.  Learn More


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