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Recap of Google Engage Connect Event on March, 5th 2013

Live from the GooglePlex viewed at Chicago Digital

Local Business owners gathered at Chicago Digital to tune in to the live presentation given by Google. Google brought in a few top thought leaders for the event that covered a variety of topics: "Keeping Up With the Evolving Digital Landscape", "The Zero Moment of Truth: Reaching Customers When It Matters", and "Working and Winning with an Agency: A Fireside Chat". The topics covered were not specifically about search, which you might expect from a Google presentation, but more on how businesses are leveraging online marketing strategies and technologies to engage with their customers to influence the on and offline purchasing decisions.

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Zero Moment of Truth

The concept of the Zero Moment of Truth was the most interesting part of the presentation. This concept was structured in a way that is easy to digest and that helped bring forth the importance of internet marketing. Let's take a moment to explore this concept.

The above diagram shows where the "Zero Moment of Truth" fits into the typical consumer decision journey. This typical journey contains a stimulus, which is all of the traditional forms of advertising; it is what encourages the consumer to pick up the phone or visit the store. The First Moment of Truth is made in the aisle of the store as the consumer looks at in-store displays and product packaging. The Second Moment of Truth happens after the purchase when the consumer is home with the product and can see first hand if the product delivers on their expectations. Now enter the "Zero Moment of Truth". This is the stage between the stimulus and when the consumer enters the store (or is faced with the buying decision). The Zero Moment of Truth is the consumer researching the product online whether it be for more information or peer reviews. The proliferation of mobile devices means that the Zero Moment of Truth can even take place in the store as consumers are browsing the web on their phone.

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