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Chicago Adobe Business Catalyst User Group Meeting

In this month's meeting of the Chicago Adobe Business Catalyst User Group, James Speers from  Base Zero Productionsgave the group valuable insight into how Adobe Muse and Adobe Business Catalyst can be used to deliver successful websites for small businesses. This post will contain an overview of the topics and tips discussed during the meeting.

How do Adobe Muse and Adobe Business Catalyst Work Together?

Adobe Muse is a website publishing tool with a similar user experience to Adobe InDesign. Traditionally Business Catalyst websites are designed in Photoshop, coded in Dreamweaver, then integrated into the Business Catalyst Content Management System. Muse provides designers a different path for creating websites. The structure, layout and design of the website is put together in Muse. When everything is all set the site can be deployed to Business Catalyst directly without the need of coding. From a Muse perspective, Adobe Business Catalyst is the cloud based hosting environment for Muse projects. This visual process of building websites is really exciting for designers.

One Way Publishing

The integration with Adobe Muse and Adobe Business Catalyst is a one way push of data from Muse to Business Catalyst (at the time of writing). Build you site in Muse, then deploy the site to Business Catalyst. If you want to incorporate Business Catalyst modules into your Muse Site you can insert Business Catalyst module tags into your Muse templates inside of Muse. If you make changes to your templates, stylesheets or other files in Business Catalyst these changes are not synced back with your Muse files. This means that if you redeploy your Muse site to Business Catalyst again in the future it could override changes you made in Business Catalyst.

Muse/BC Tips


Don't touch this file in Business Catalyst since this file is controlled by Muse and will be overwritten by Muse.


When there are major updates to Muse it is a good idea to delete this file before redeploying your Muse site to BC. An example, when Muse went from templates to different versions of templates for "Desktop", "Tablet", and "Mobile".

Accessing BC CMS Features on Muse Sites

If you ever wondered where all the Business Catalyst features went when working with a website that was published by Muse? Chances are that the "Enable online content editing (incompatible with Muse)" checkbox is unchecked. To access this, go to "My Details" found under your name in the top right.

Chicago Adobe Business Catalyst User Group

This group gets together on the second Tuesday of every month at Prasino in Wicker Park, Chicago, IL. For more information about the group and to view upcoming events, please visit the  meetup page.

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