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Local Discovery: Yext, Amazon Alexa Integration Now Available

Get Your Local Business Found Through Yext & Voice Search

Businesses operating in a specific geographic area have long known the power of optimizing local listings and the contribution that doing so can make as it relates to how prospective customers discover their business.

Chicago Digital has managed thousands of local listings for its clients over the years and our team keeps a close eye on any important developments that will improve their brand's positioning on the Web, such as the recent enhancement of the Yext system that adds Amazon Alexa to the platform's Knowledge Network.

It's (very) big news in local marketing and illustrates how dramatically the process of brand discovery has evolved over the years.

In the past, for example, users went to their favorite search engine, typed in a search phrase such as "chinese restaurant near me" and found directories that listed (and sometimes reviewed) those businesses and often the restaurants themselves (particuarly when they engage in search engine optimization). That continues to be common practice and remains an effective technique to raise awareness. While consumers still use search engines to find what they need, however, they are increasingly using voice assistants (like Amazon Alexa, Apple's Siri or Microsoft Cortana) to guide them to the goods (and services) they need.
Enter Yext and its recently added support for users queries through Amazon Alexa. Starting today, consumers can ask Alexa a question such as "What is the closest chinese restaurant" and receive a response based in part on information populated through the Yext Knowledge platform. Those users will get far more than just a list of options, but will be able to access all of Yext's data and learn whether the business is open, how far it is from their location, and even a few of the featured menu items (when the right questions are asked, of course). 
Support for Amazon Alexa through Yext is available now in the United States (and nine other countries including Canada and the United Kingdom) with plans to expand to other countries in the near future. All current clients of Chicago Digital's local services will be able to discover their business through Alexa thanks ot the Yext integration starting today. 
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