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Five Tips for Planning Your Digital Marketing in 2019


If you’ve been out and about in a retail environment recently, you’ve probably already overheard some people talking about the upcoming holiday season’s arrival in weeks, not months. While it may be hard to believe, the holiday season is closer than many might want to admit. And you know what’s next after that – a New Year.

Of course, the start of a new calendar year means fresh trends in the world of digital marketing. Whether they involve inbound marketing, website design, another element of your marketing or a combination of things, digital marketing trends can impact your plans as you move forward. Because trends can have a big influence on your plans, it’s important to anticipate what the future’s latest trends will be.

Invest in Content and Influencers

It’s not news that consumers are turning away from conventional ads. In 2015, a Nielson study showed that the top four sources that people trusted the most were people they knew, branded websites, editorial sites and reviews. Ads appeared pretty close to the end of Nielson’s list, and that hasn’t changed in the three years since Nielson conducted its study.

It’s widely expected that as many as 30 percent of the world’s Internet users will be using some sort of ad blocker by the end of 2018. This means that traditional ads will no longer reach as much as 30 percent of their intended market.

Why are consumers turning their backs on conventional ads? It’s likely that it’s because these ads have no meaningful value and they provide little benefit for consumers. If your ads don’t deliver real value, it’s time to rework them.

Even if your ads are packed with value, you won’t want to rely on them alone in 2019. Instead, your digital marketing plan should emphasize content marketing, influencer marketing and establishing referral partnerships. In other words, your plan should focus on the activities that will enable you to engage with your existing customers and prospects more than advertisements.

Use Marketing to Improve Your Internal Processes

Too many professionals make the mistake of looking at their marketing activities as things they do that are separate from all the things their other departments do. If you silo your marketing, you’re missing out on countless opportunities to make improvements to your internal processes and communication across the board.

Don’t keep your marketing activities isolated from all your other business activities. Use them to bring all your departments together in 2019 instead. In fact, you don’t have to wait for the New Year to do this. You can start using your marketing to unite your departments today.

Your marketing content can benefit your sales force. It can also help the folks in your human resources department to recruit top talent and improve the training they provide. Engaging content can inform your communications with your investors as well.

What can happen when you use your marketing as a unifying force instead of a siloed one? You can lower your operating costs, improve internal and external communication and attract employment prospects with even greater skills to your doorstep, among many other laudable things.

Know How the Members of Your Target Market Communicate

As you know, technology is constantly evolving, which enables consumers to communicate in new ways. It wasn’t that long ago that you were relegated to using a desktop or laptop to search for information on the Internet. Now, you can search the world wide web using mobile devices and smart wearables like watches. Today, you can even search the Internet without having to type anything into a search bar. Just ask the nearest Amazon Alexa or Google Home to do some research for you.

Because many consumers are quick to adopt new technology, it’s vital that you keep up with how the members of your target market communicate. If your content isn’t geared toward voice search yet, you should make updating it one of your biggest marketing priorities in 2019 if you can’t get to it earlier than that.

Why should you adjust your content so that it “speaks” to voice search? Because it’s expected that 50 percent of all searches will be voice searches performed through digital assistants like Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana by 2020.

Use Video and Live Video in Your Digital Marketing

In 2016, over 80 percent of the world’s Internet users watched a greater amount of live video than they did the year before. Research indicates that video will account for no less than 85 percent of the globe’s Internet traffic as early as 2019. More than half of Internet users already claim to watch videos on a social media website at least monthly.

People’s consumption of videos and live videos isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon, if it ever does. With many consumers preferring to watch either a pre-made video or a live video over reading written content, it’s wise to use both kinds of video in your digital marketing.

If you’re reluctant to use live video because you haven’t used it before, consider the following. Approximately 67 percent of people who watch live videos say it’s more likely that they’ll buy a concert ticket or attend an event after they’ve seen a livestream of a similar performance or event. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, about 45 percent of live video watchers say they’d be willing to pay money to see an athlete, team or performer they’re fond of in a live video.

Work with Chicago Digital in 2019 and Beyond

No matter what digital marketing trends appear in 2019, we’ll be ready to incorporate them into a digital marketing strategy that’s specifically tailored to your business. We conduct digital marketing for many small and mid-size businesses in a wide array of industries. Our suite of digital marketing services is exhaustive because, when it comes to digital marketing, we to it all.

Whether you want help with inbound marketing, website design, another aspect of digital marketing or all of your online marketing activities, you needn’t look beyond Chicago Digital. Contact us to schedule a discovery session today.


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