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Small Agency, Big Results - An Adobe Case Study

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Adobe Business Catalyst Showcase

On behalf of everyone at Chicago Digital I would like to show our appreciation for being included in the Adobe Business Catalyst Showcase located on Adobe's website. We are honored to be listed among other amazing companies and success stories. I also want to thank our fantastic customers for giving us the opportunity to work on some really great projects.

Read the case study: Small Agency, Big Results (published by Adobe)

Business Catalyst Experience & Dedication 

Business Catalyst and the Adobe Creative Suite have been instrumental to our growth. From almost the very beginning, Chicago Digital decided to only develop websites on Adobe Business Catalyst. We started over 3 years ago as 2 long-time friends with a dream of running a web agency that helps small businesses grow their business online. To date, we have built over 200 sites in Business Catalyst either for our clients or for other Business Catalyst Partners. In addition, we have provided Business Catalyst training and consulting for both partners and end-users alike. We absolutely love the work that we do and are extremely thankful that we get to do this everyday. Although the size of our team and location have changed over the years our dedication to our clients has not.

Customer Highlights

I would like to take a moment to highlight the customers that are featured in this case study:

The Surgery Center

The amazing aspect of this project is that both the digital sign in their lobby and the website run off of one system: Adobe Business Catalyst. It is built in a way that allows non-technical office staff to update the information.

Visit the Surgery Center website

View the Surgery Center in our portfolio

Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce

This project is a great example of what can be done in Business Catalyst. This feature rich website gives members of the community a whole new experience in engaging with the local community. BC allows the Chamber staff to maintain the various components of the site such as memberships, advertisements, events, deals, itineraries and more.

Visit the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber Website

View the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber Website in our portfolio

I had the pleasure of representing Chicago Digital at the Matrix Integration Expo 2012 in Indianapolis, IN on March 8th, 2012.

At this one day expo I demonstrated Chicago Digital's ability to create content with FlyPaper and introduced our unique way of managing digital signage content with what is traditionally considered a website CMS.


Digital Signage Content Management with Adobe Business Catalyst

Adobe Business Catalyst is often thought of as an all-in-one solution to run your website. While this is true, Chicago Digital has extended the reach of Business Catalyst beyond just websites and into the digital signage market. At the expo, I showcased Chicago Digital's Surgery Center implementation as part of the 5x3 video wall that was on display in the main expo room.

Demoed Solution: The Surgery Center

The unique project requirement

The Surgery Center was looking for a solution to manage their website and their digital sign within the same application. They wanted to make it as easy as possible for the different practices that are part of their building to manage their information (general practice information, doctor bios, services, and locations). All of this needed to be done with Surgery Center moderation so that the integrity of design and content could be maintained. 

The solution

Adobe Business Catalyst emerged as the premier choice to accomplish this. Business Catalyst has built in moderation rules, a simple website editor, CRM and web apps (a tool that allows custom applications to be built on top of the platform).

A combination of these tools were used to build a beautiful, easy to use website that delivered the desired solution for The Surgery Center. Using web apps, Chicago Digital developed a secure section of the website where the individual practices could manage their digital assets as well as create their digital signage ads.

Presenting the Solution at the Tech Expo

Behind the video wall, I used a media player from Sherlock Systems that was connected to the display on the top right. This display is showing the content that is being displayed in the lobby of the Surgery Center. The camera captured the screen in transition from the main Surgery Center ads to the Milwaukee Surgical Specialists ads. Each practice has their own branded template that shows up for 2 minutes in the rotation. The main area of the screen shows 4 30 second ads specific to the practice.

The display just below it was hooked up to a MacBook Air. I then used an iPad to control the MacBook Air wirelessly to demonstrate how easy it was to make changes on the fly to the website with Business Catalyst's Site Editor (formerly In-Context Editor) and how the practices can create and manage their information and digital signage ads.